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What is Meroshare and How does it work ?

Meroshare is a platform or app that helps  to buy Primary Share, Right share, Fpo Share, manage Share Portfolio, Transfer share and many more that is related to Share Trading.

Meroshare is provided by CDS  and Clearing Limited, for the purpose easy transaction for share trading and it also help trader to get rid of huge line on bank to apply for primary share (IPO).

How to get Meroshare Login  ID & Password ?

It is very easy to get meroshare login id and password, you just need fill a small form that is provide by capital of any bank or authorized share broker company around Nepal.

How to apply for Ipo Primary Share Through Meroshare ?

After receiving login Id and password of Meroshare you need to visit your nearby bank to get CRN no and after successfully activating CRN No you can apply with meroshare. Inside Meroshare there is C-ASBA, where you can easily apply for share, and even get notification about upcoming IPO, right share, Fpo share and results after allotment of share. Example of C-ASBA is given below picture.


Hope this article may have helped you. Please let us know if you want to know more about Meroshare.

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