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Now Internet User can call free to their support center.

Currently every  smart phone user have  internet connection in their phone, and without internet even smart phone is like classic nokia phone. Due to high demand of Internet in present scenario lots of internet supplying company has grown nowadays.  And its very easy for smart device user to get connection with internet either in home or office. However its easy to get internet facility, sometimes we face problem with internet and while we try to connect with customer care, we have to wait sometimes 4-5 minutes on our call to contact with internet provider customer care service. And that call charges a lot when trying many times to connect with customer care.

Because of this condition, Nepal Telecommunication have made rules to provide  Toll free number to every internet supplier company . So following are the Toll Free number which can be used to contact to related service provider.


1 Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. 1498, 198
2 Worldlink Communications Ltd. 166001-55050
3 Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd. 166001-59999
4 Broad Band Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 166071-52004
5 Techminds Networks Pvt. Ltd. 16605651222 (for NT Users), 9801575666 (for Ncell Users)
6 East Link Technology Pvt. Ltd. 166001-95985
7 Sky Broadband Pvt. Ltd. 166001-58887
8 Himalayan Online Services Pvt. Ltd. 16600149520
9 Arrow Net Pvt.Ltd., 16600142222
10 Metrolink Business Group Pvt.Ltd., 16607156222
11 Big Marshyangdi Net Pvt.Ltd., 9801565666
12 Prabhu Digital Ltd. 16600178999,
13 Classic Tech Pvt.Ltd. 16600150999
14 Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd. O61-540188,
15 Vianet Communication Pvt. Ltd. 16600188444
16 Mercantile Communication Pvt.Ltd. 16600100822
17 Super Eight Network Pvt.Ltd. 9801575750
18 Infonet Communication Pvt. Ltd. 1660774002
19 Unified Communication Pvt. Ltd. 16602358666
20 Broadlink Communication Pvt. Ltd. 9801571235
21 TechMinds Network Pvt.Ltd. 16605651222,
22 Pvt. Ltd Ultra Net Communication 16601166729
23 Web Network Pvt. Ltd 16607156555
24 First Link Communications Pvt.Ltd 16602358555
25 Everest Wireless Network Pvt.Ltd. 9801571005 NCELL, 16608352003
26 Simpal Media Network Pvt.Ltd., (SIMTV ) 9801544000
27 Mahakali Digital Network Pvt. Ltd. 1660017899 NTC,
9801571999 NCELL
28 Shangrila Informatics Pvt.Ltd 16600102725
29 Sustainable Networks Pvt. Ltd 16600119335
30 Loop Networks Pvt. Ltd 9801571570

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