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How to Enter Share Market In Nepal?

If you are wondering how to enter share market in Nepal and earn some money,  but you don’t know how to enter share market then this article is for you.

Most of the people think share trading is hard and needs lots of experience and education about share but you may be wrong, you don’t need any advance knowledge to enter share market. Following are the process to enter and register with share market in a easy way.


Opening of D-mat Account

 Dmat account also known as   dematerialized account which is used for share hold, also used for securities purpose for share transaction.

How to Create D Mat Account?

Its very easy to open/create D Mat Account. You can create Dmat account in two way, one is directly visiting nearby your Bank branch or Share Broker, They will create your dmat account within half an hour of time. You need to have valid id (citizenship, Password or any valid government Id) with recent 3 copy photo.

What to do after D Mat Account?

After successfully creating dmat account, to hold and buy share (IPO Share) Primary Share you need to activate C-ASBA and for that you just need to fill a small form from your bank which you mentioned while opening DMAT ACCOUNT. After submitting firm they will provide you code for applying share.

After CASBA, you can easily apply for Primary Share (IPO share) online from Meroshare, or directly with any of your bank branch. In Share Market there are two kinds of market one is Primary Market ( IPO) and another is Secondary Market, and to enter secondary market obviously you need to have knowledge of share trading otherwise you may bear loss, so you need to have proper knowledge before entering secondary share market.

I Hope this article have some helps for you. If you have any question and want to know more about Share then please comment of contact through mail, will happily make article related to your inquiry.

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How to Enter Share Market In Nepal?

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